Sucess Stories
S.No Year Title Crop / Method Story
1 2016-17 Minor Millets and its Value Added Products for Food and Nutrition Security Food Science Click here..
2 2016-17 Successful Mushroom entrepreneur Mushroom - Entrepreneur Click here..
3 2016-17 Impact of French bean on Farmer’s income French bean Click here..
4 2016-17

Suitable high yielding bush type Dolichos lablab variety

Dolichos lablab Click here..
5 2016-17 Demonstration of Sorghum K 12 for higher productivity Sorghum K12 - Crop Production Click here..
6 2015-16 Nematode management through liquid formulations of Bioagents, viz., Pseudomonas and Paecilomyces lilacinus in Tuberose Tuberose - Plant Protection Click here..
7 2015-16 TANUVAS GRAND supplement in increasing milk yield - A success study TANUVAS GRAND Click here..
8 2015-16 Demonstration of MDU 1 Cluster bean variety for higher productivity Cluster bean Click here..
9 2014-15 Arka microbial consortium in Sustainable Sugarcane Initiatives –A success  study Sugarcane - SSI Click here..
10 2014-15 Eco friendly Pest Management technologies in Sugarcane Sugarcane - Pest Management Click here..
11 2014-15 Demonstration of  TNAU Sirukeerai variety PLR 1 (Amaranthus polygonoides) Sirukeerai PLR 1 Click here..
12 2014-15 Minor Millets and its Value Added Products for Food and Nutrition Security Minor Millets - Value Added Click here..
13 2013-14 Biocontrol Agents in Crop Disease Management Biocontrol Agents Click here..
14 2013-14 Chrysanthemum- A remunerative crop of Salem district Chrysanthemum Click here..
15 2013-14 Eco friendly management technologies for fruit borer in Tomato Tomato - Eco Friendly Click here..
16 2013-14 Popularisation of Paddy variety CO(R) 49 through seed production Paddy CO(R) 49 Click here..
17 2012-13 Profitable income from water melon cultivation Water melon Click here..
18 2012-13 Sustainable Sugarcane Initiatives for doubling productivity and tripling income of farming community Sugarcane - SSI Click here..
19 2012-13 Micronutrient Spray in Tomato Tomato - Micronutrient Spray Click here..
20 2012-13 Integrated pest and disease management technologies in Banana cultivation Banana - IPDM Click here..
21 2011-12 Farmers Field School (FFS) On Integrated Pest and Disease Management In Lab Lab Lab Lab - FFS Click here..
22 2011-12 Seed production in pulses Pulses - Seed Production Click here..
23 2011-12 Popularization of TNAU crop boosters Crop boosters Click here..
24 2011-12 Foliar nutrition for plants Foliar nutrition Click here..
25 2010-11 Precision Farming in Salem District Precision Farming Click here..
26 2010-11 Eco friendly plant protection technologies in paddy cultivation Paddy - Eco friendly Click here..
27 2010-11 Popularization of in situ composting of sugarcane trash using microbial consortia in salem dt. Sugarcane - situ composting Click here..
28 2010-11 Women empowerment -  backyard poultry rearing by using giriraja birds Poultry - giriraja birds Click here..
29 2009-10 Slatted floor goat rearing Goat rearing Click here..