SWOT Analysis





  • KVK is a representation of TNAU and ICAR.
  • Easy accessibility by the farmers as the location of Kendra is in the centre of the District.
  • Well established technologies dissemination techniques viz., OFT, FLD which is even conducted in the interior villages.
  • KVK mainly involved in selecting, motivating and promoting conveners on the adoption of technologies by themselves and also with considerable number of fellow farmers.
  • Linkages with state department’s viz., Agriculture, Horticulture, Sericulture, Veterinary, FTC, DRDA, DPAP, Nationalized banks etc and other non Govt organizations.
  • Multidisciplinary team work.
  • KVK, Sandhiyur is equipped with Soil and Water Testing Laboratory for testing the farmers soil and water samples.
  • Technically sound faculty is available
  • Provided with demo unit on orchard and grafts and seedlings being sold to farmers.
  • Provided with Ernet facilities for getting market information for farmers and Video conferencing facilities for field problem solving with scientists from other places through video conferencing
  • Training hall with all facilities for conducting on campus trainings to farmers, farm women, rural youth and extension functionaries.
  • Well equipped exhibition hall having exhibits related to field problems in agronomy, pest and disease of major crops, seed treatment methods, problem soil management, machineries and implements value added products preparation and animal sciences problems.
  • Maintaining library with all books and journals related to agricultural, horticultural and animal husbandry departments.
  • Inadequate staff strength
  • SMS not available in all the disciplines
  • Lack of adequate infrastructure facilities
  • Inadequate tie –up with industrial units for entrepreneurship development.
  • Lack of Skilled labour for propagation techniques under clonal orchard
  • Lack of permanent exhibition units to conduct technology melas and forums at district level
  • Poor linkage with marketing facilities and hyper markets


  • Developing Information Technologies  in the form of e-learning and Video conferencing will be highly useful for farming groups to know the weather forecast, outbreak of pest and diseases and daily market rate of agricultural and allied commodities from any where at anytime and also helpful to farmers living in remote areas by reducing need for Travel and time
  • Establishment of input production units on Biofertilisers, biopesticides and seed processing
  • Having enough scope for improving orchard if KVK is provided with required fund
  • Scope for establishing demo unit on value added products preparation
  • Scope for setting up of demo unit on Apiary
  • Scope for setting up of seed sales centre
  • Scope for setting up of commercial vegetable nursery unit
  • There is scope for establishing veterinary demo unit since this district is having more livestock population
  • Scope of model composting unit to recycle all farm waste into manure
  • Scope for mobile soil testing facility and supply of soil health cards immediately


  • Competition by private companies and agencies
  • Mis belief of farmers on traditional practices, pesticides, seeds, fertilizers etc.
  • Self diagnosing and wrong application of chemicals without attacking the exact problems.
  • Entry of new varieties, input and chemicals into the State without the knowledge of Agricultural University
  • Domination of private input supply agency and ignorance of farmers
  • Poor purchasing power of farmers
  • Supply of inputs by private agency on credit basis
  • Unpredictable climate and weather leads unexpected field problems
  • Outbreak of pest and disease causes more field problems which require immediate attention and requires lot of time and manpower