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International Yoga Day

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Salem, of Tamil Nadu has conducted the International yoga day on 21.06.2017 in KVK and the following activities were undertaken.

  • Programme Coordinator delivered the lecture on the importance of yoga for day to day life, stress relief and emphasized the need of yoga for maintance of health with simple yoga practices.

  • Common yoga protocol was taught to the participants and mass yoga practices were done in KVK.  The Programme starts with  prayer for mind relaxation, body relaxation like neck bending (Tadasana), neck rotation, practices and breathing like Suriya Namaskaram, Padmasanam, Vajrasanam, Ardha ustrasana etc.

  • Participant’s details: Total Participants 38 Nos. among them 24 Farmers and 14 KVK staff including Programme Coordinator, SMS, Technical Staff, Office Staff and Labours participated in the International Yoga Day observation.

  • After completion of yoga practices the feedback about yoga practice was obtained from the participants and all were felt happiness on relaxation in their mind.

  • Finally the Programme Coordinator requested all the staff members and farmers to practice yoga in their daily life atleast 10-15 minutes to get relief from stress and maintain their health.

Padmasanam Neck bending (Tadasana)
Vajrasana Suriya Namaskaram
Ardha ustrasana Publicity