ICAR KVK Salem - Successful farmers
The KVK - Salem has several successfull farmers in every year, some farmers listed below.

Mr.Nagaraj, Navappatty, Salem.

  • Responsible and contributed to Th. Nagaraj farmer navapatty at Machinery mela 2017
  • “2017 - Agricultural Machinery Achiever” - Award
  • Effecticely use of Machineries
Best KVK Award 2010

Tmt.Shanthi, Panamarathupatty, Salem.

  • “2016 - Best Stall" - Award winner
  • Responsible and contributed to get best stall award to Tmt. Shanthi farmer Panamarathupatty at PGP, college 2016-Organized by SICCI

  • KVK introduced hi-tech horticulture technologies including Micro Irrigation system, Plasticulture (Mulching), Hi-density Guava and banana throughout the year cultivation.
  • Earned 4 Lakh during 2016 from two crops

Mr.Sugavana Perumal, Kamalapatty, Salem.

  • “2016 - Agricultural Machinery Achiever” - Award
  • KVK introduced hi-tech horticulture technologies including Micro Irrigation system, Plasticulture (Mulching), Hi-density Guava and Water Melon throughout the year cultivation.
  • Earned 7 Lakh during 2015 from two crops (1.5 acres) water melon and muskmelon
  • Spokesperson for rest of the farmers.
  • Direct Marketing Introduced peper in the Arecanut farm
Best KVK Award 2010

Mr.R.Raja, Puthur, Salem.

  • “Young Farmer Achiever 2015 ”- Award
  • Co-Onion-5 Seed production
  • Earned 1.5 lakhs from 40 cents
  • Cultivation of greens through out the year
  • Influenced other farmers also go for Onion cultivation with seeds
  • Sold 375 Kgs of Co-Onion 5 to farmers since 2013 to till date
  • Continuously cultivating the Co-Onion 5 by using only seeds
Best KVK Award 2010

Ms. Jayalakshmi Shanmugam, Ammampalayam, Salem.

  • “Velan Chemmal Award 2015 ”- Award
  • Maintaining breed stock for Goats (Tellicherry breeds)
  • Dairy units maintained for Milk purposes
  • Fodder and Banana are also continuously grown
  • Desi Poultry birds is also maintained
  • Following IFS concept
  • Earning 70,000 to 80,000 per month
Best KVK Award 2010

Mr.Matheswaran. FPO - Salem Kanjamalai Millets and Pulses Producers Company Limited.

  • “Best FPO Stall - Farmers Day 2015”- Award
  • KVK Salem is providing Technical backstopping to all FPOs in Salem
  • Value added products from Minor Millets and Pulses - Salem Kanjamalai Millets and Pulses Producers Company Limited
  • Farmers groups started during 2013 and incorporated as FPO during 2015
  • Group cultivation of Pulses and marketing of millets
  • Started Value addition of pulses and minor millets after getting training from KVK
  • Became successful pulses and millets value added products producers
  • Need based production and earning significant income and received best Stall award during Farmers day 2016 at TNAU, Coimbatore
Best KVK Award 2010

Mrs. Meenambal, FPO - Pulses and millets farmers producers group, Thumbadhulipatty, Salem.

  • Women involved in household activities and Required regular income to increase their livelihood
  • Creation of farmers producers group on pulses and millets
  • Training s were given on value addition of millets and pulses
  • Create an women entrepreneurs
  • Preparing Value added products from millets and pulses
  • Monthly income – Rs. 7000/-
  • Awarded "Best Entrepreneur stall at Farmer’s Day", TNAU, Coimbatore
Best KVK Award 2010

Mr. Dasaradhan, FPO - Sirudhaniya urpathiyalar kuzhu, Senthittu, Yercaud, Salem.

  • Awareness creation on millet processing through equipments.
  • Training on value addition of millets
  • Equipments distributed to Senthittu vilage for millet processing.
  • Villagers using the equipments for millet processing
  • Self Help Group was started.
  • Going to start a bakery (Cookies) products preparing unit.
Best KVK Award 2010

“Th.D.Kannan, Sukkampatty, Ayothiapattinam block - SSI sugarcane nursery entrepreneur

  • Area: 1 acre nursery
  • Sugarcane is one of the major commercial crops in Salem district and is being cultivated under 12218 ha

Problem :

  • Less availability of quality planting material Seedling germination percentage is low Seedling establishment percentage is also low Higher mortality in transplanted seedlings

KVK Intervention :

  • Demonstration on Arka microbial consortium
  • Training on importance of Arka microbial consortium and the method of application
  • Nursery raising of seedlings through protrays
  • Measuring shoot and root growth, germination and establishment %

Economic gains:

  • For 10,000 seedlings the farmers earned on an average net income of Rs. 13,407 with a germination percentage of 96 with total income of Rs. 19000/ 10,000 seedlings and BC ratio of 3.35.

Best KVK Award 2010

Best KVK Award 2010

Mr Dharmalingam, Nalikalpatti village, Salem.

  • Mr Dharmalingam, Progressive farmer from Nalikalpatti village trained at KVK has been awarded as “BEST FARMER AWARD AT STATE LEVEL” for his outstanding contribution in hybrid rice seed production in 2009-10 in Farmers day held at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University.
  • Seed producer in Paddy, Pulses, Maize
  • Cultevating Traditional Paddy varities and gain more profit.
Best Farmer Award - Salem Dt

Mr. Shanmugasundaram (innovative farmer), Salem.

  • Mr Shanmugasundaram, another progressive contact farmer of KVK has developed a modified “Cagewheel conoweeder” for System Rice Intensification.
  • His innovation has been selected for award in the “National Innovators Conference” held at Mysore in 2009-10.