Animal Husbandry

Poultry demonstration unit:
A poultry demonstration unit with desi birds is being maintained at KVK farm to impart practical knowledge to the beneficiaries coming for training. In this unit Aseel, Kadaknath birds and Namakkal Chicken 1 are maintained.

  • Native of Andra Pradesh
  • Birds with fighting temperament
  • Long neck, long tail and sturdy legs are characteristic.
  • Egg production: 90-100 per year
  • Weight of cock: 4.0 Kg, hen: 2-3 Kg.


  • Native of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Feathers will be in black or bluish black in colour.
  • The muscles, nerves, skin, legs, blood and even brain looks black colour due to deposition of melanin pigments in these organs.
  • Meat in less in cholesterol content and considered to be of medicinal value.

Namakkal chicken 1:

  • This breed was evolved by crossing White Leghorn, Rhode Island Red, Kadaknath and Naked neck breeds of birds.
  • Don’t have brooding habit.
  • Feathers will be in multi various colours.
  • Egg production: 240-250 per year
  • Weight of cock : 2.0- 2.5 Kg, hen: 1.5 Kg

Slatted Floor Goat unit:
            A slatted floor goat unit is being maintained at KVK farm in 200 sq.ft area in which the animals are maintained at an elevated platform made at 3 feet height from the floor. The platform is constructed with the help of wooden reapers. The width each reaper is 5.0 cm and the distance between two reapers is 2.0 cm. The urine and excreta of the animals will fall in to 3.0 feet depth in the floor and so the animals are maintained hygienically. In this unit Tellichery breed of goats are maintained. Animals are fed with CO4 fodder, Velimasal, Agathi, Soobabul and CoFS 31 fodder sorghum.
Tellichery goat:

  • Native of Kerala.
  • Coat colour is white, black or brown
  • Having larger ears
  • Weight of adult male:40-50Kg, adult female:30-40Kg
  • Milk yield up to 2.0Kg/day.
  • Twins and triplets are common.

Fodder bank:
A fodder bank is maintained at KVL farm with all types of fodder including CO 4 foder, Guinea grass, Velimasal, Agathi, Soobabul, CO Fs 29, CO Fs 31 fodder sorghum.