Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) / National Agricultural Development Project (NADP)

Scheme Incharge Dr. A. Sudha
Asst.Prof (Plant Pathology)
Mobile No. +91 9842507722
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Scheme Title Empowerment of farmers through special programme on the Market led precision farming system
About Scheme

In its meeting held on 29.5.2007, the National Development Council resolved to introduce an additional Central Assistance Scheme (now RKVY)  that in sensitize states to increase public investment in Agriculture and allied sectors..

  • Key end goal – achieve at least 4.1% growth in agriculture by the end of XI Plan

The background for the implementation of this scheme were

  • Declining investments in Agriculture
  • Declining share of agriculture in the GDP
  • Insufficient attention to the allied sectors
  • Continued high dependence of the rural people on the agriculture and allied sectors
  • Rapid growth in other sectors of the economy
  • Distress in Agriculture

 Objectives of the RKVY

  • To incentivize the states to increase their investment in Agriculture and allied sectors
  • To provide flexibility and autonomy to the States in planning and executing programmes for agriculture
  • To ensure the preparation of Agriculture Plans for the districts and states
  • To achieve the goal of reducing the yield gaps in important crops
  • To maximize returns to the farmers
  • To address the agriculture and allied sectors in an integrated manner

 Basic features of the RKVY

  • It is a State Plan scheme
  • The eligibility of a state for the RKVY is contingent  upon the state maintaining or increasing the State Plan expenditure for Agrl. & Allied Sectors
  • The base line expenditure is determined based on the average expenditure incurred by the State Government  during the three years prior to the previous year.
  • The list of allied sectors is as indicated by the Planning Commission
  • The preparation of the district and State Agriculture Plans is mandatory
  • Encourages convergence with other programmes such as NREGS, SGSY, BRGF, etc.
  • Pattern of funding is 100% Central Government Grant.
  • If the state lowers its investment in the subsequent years, and goes out of the RKVY basket, then the balance resources for completing the projects already commenced would have to be committed by them.
  • It will be an incentive scheme – allocations are not automatic
  • It will integrate agriculture and allied sectors comprehensively
  • It will give high levels of flexibility to the states – including approvals at the level of the state governments
  • Projects with definite time-lines are highly encouraged  

     Tamil Nadu got the highest allocation of Rs.185.31 crores. The projects relating to Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Dairy, Fisheries and also minor irrigation are focused under this programme. During 2007-08, nine districts namely Coimbatore, Dharmapuri, Dindigul, Krishnagiri, Namakkal, Perambalur, Ramanathapuram, Salem and Villupuram have been identified as focused districts for implementing agricultural programmes. The programme on precision farming, establishment of 224 agri clinics with mini soil testing laboratories, distribution of machineries, establishment of automatic weather station in 224 blocks, land resources inventory and GIS data base for farm level planning in 10 blocks in 10 focussed districts,dryland development and popularization of minor millets in 40 blocks, promotion of organic manure production and organic farming by establishing municipal compost and bio inputs production units, strengthening quality seed production and distribution, development of 50 acre clusters of horticultural crops and bio mass tree plantation on dry lands will be taken up for agricultural development.
The schemes operated in the state are the following

  The KVK implemented the Precision farming projects under NADP in five clusters @ twenty farmers per cluster totally for the benefit of hundred farmers in Salem district during 2008-09.As a follow up of this success Precision farming training for the year 2008-09 was conducted at KVK, Sandhiyur during Nov-Dec, 2010 for 1240 beneficiareis of State department of agriculture and horticulture Salem, Erode and Coimbatore districts. Training was given to the farmers on cultivation of crops through drip system, maintenance of fertigation system, community nursery raising and also the farmers were taken to Dharmapuri precision fields for exposture visit. As an outcome of the precision farming trainings nearly 4500 ha cropped area is under drip system in Salem district. Nearly 11 blocks out of the 20 blocks awareness about drip fertigation has been created among the farmers.