ICT Advisory

KVK Salem is in the froefront of useing ICT releated activities in disseminating in agriculture and allied field to reach out the farming community and extension functionaries at faster pace.

KMAS - Mobile Information Service

In order to provide the farmers with free access on the information related to agriculture and allied field, KVK Salem is using an SMS service since April 2015. The SMS service is provided to its registered users free of cost and the target groups includes farmers. extension functionaries and all other collaborators of KVK. The monthly training programme and information on the new technologies, up-topdate information on crop based filed operations. Informationon price forecast of various agriculture products, etc. are send to stake holders on regular basis. Geting of this information, please register now.. Click here

KVK in Social Media

KVK Salem also take effort to link the people around the world to know and get feedback on our activities for which KVK is also active in social networking