Assistant Proffeser(FSN)

Name Dr. P. Geetha Dr.P.Geetha
Discipline Food Science and Nutrition
Specialization Food Packaging and food preservation and processing of fruits and vegetables and minor millets
Mobile No. +91 9443564582
E_Mail geethapadmanaban2@gmail.com
Book (with ISBN)
  1. Pushpa. G., and P. Geetha. 2009. Basics of Food and Nutrition, Thannambikkai Publications, Coimbatore – 41.
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Books (without ISBN)

  1. Hemalatha. G., M.R. Premalatha., P. S. Geetha, and P. Geetha. 2012. Food Quality Control, Directorate of Open and Distance Learning, TNAU, Coimbatore.
  2. Kanchana. S., Cissie Theeblyn David and P. Geetha. 2012. Processing of marine and animal products, Open and Distance Learning, TNAU, Coimbatore.
Book Chapters (with ISBN)
  1. Thangavel. K., and P. Geetha .2006. Mathiputtapatta unavuporutkal thayaripu thozhil, Vetrikku vithagum velan thozhilgal, Sri Sakthi Promotional Litho Press, Coimbatore -25. P:40-45.
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Book Chapters (without ISBN)

  1. D. Malathi and P. Geetha. 2007. Recent developments in food quality and standards presented in ICAR short course on “Current issues in management of food processing industries” conducted by  Dept. of Agricultural and Rural management , TNAU, Coimbatore -3.

Research Articles with NAAS rating

  1. S.R.S. Dev., P. Geetha, V. Orsat, Y. Gariepy and G.S.V. Raghavan .2011. Effects of Microwave –  Assisted Hot Air Drying and Conventional Hot Air Drying on the Drying Kinetics, colour, Rehydration and olatiles of  Moringa oleifera, Drying Technology29:12, 1452-1458.
  2. Geetha. P., S. Kanchana. S., and A.S. Thirumaran .2014. Increasing the shelf life of papaya through vacuum packing, Journal of Food Science and Technology, 51(1): 163-167
Research Articles without NAAS rating
  1. Geetha.P. A.S.Thirumaran and Saraswathy Eswaran.2005. High moisture shelf stable fruit slices by hurdle techniques. Indian Food Packer, July – August:64-66
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Seminar papers (National)

  1. Geetha.P and A.S. Thirumaran. 2005. Modified Atmospheric Packaging of baby corn (Zea mays. L.), National seminar on “Post Production Systems and Strategies to the Issues and Challenges of Food Safety and Security” was conducted at Post Harvest Technology Centre, Agricultural Engineering College and Research Institute, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, on 22nd and 23rd September.p:146.
  2. Geetha.P and Thirumaran. A.S. 2005. Processing of chicken into pickles. Recent trends In biotechnology of fermented foods, National seminar held at Madurai on 13.07.05 to   15.07.05. P: 24
  3. Thirumaran. A.S., P. Geetha and P. krishnamoorthy. 2012. Life time Discription and Deprivation amongst female population, 8th to 9th Feb, 2012 at Dept. of Home Science, Govt. Maharani Lakshmibai Girls P. G. College, Indore, M.P.
Symposium/ conference / summer school paper
  1. Geetha. P and A. S. Thirumaran .2008. Increasing the shelf life of papaya by vacuum packaging, second International symposium on papaya, Madurai from 09.12.08 to 12.12.08, p: 129.
  2. Geetha. P, S.R.S. Dev, V. Orsat, Y. Gariepy and G.S.V. Raghavan .2009. Effect of Microwave Assisted Drying on the Bioactive Molecules and Other Quality Attributes of Moringa oleifera, 6th Asia – Pacific Drying Conference, October 19 – 21, 2009 at Bangkok, Thailand. P:447-453.
  3. Geetha. P.2012. Bio Preserved Pomegranate fruit juice at In XXII ICFoST conducted by AFST(i) at CSIR- CFTRI Campus, Mysore on 6th and 7th December 2012

Poster presentations

  1. Geetha.P. and A. Rathi Devi. 2007. Ready to serve watermelon beverage. National Seminar on Emerging technologies in food processing and ensuring food safety – ENCYCLO’07, 16-17 October 2007 held at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore. P:ix
  2. Geetha.P. Kanchana.S. and A. Susheela Thirumaran. 2009. Effect of pretreatments and packaging on the shelf life of minimally processed vegetables. National symposium on Prospective trends in food industry – Food Explore, 13th October 2009 at Agricultural Engineering College and Research Institute, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore.P:29.
  3. Geetha . P. 2014.Sun dried tomatoes. 6th Indian Horticulture Congress – 2014, An International event at CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex, Coimbatore from 6th to 9th November.

Popular Articles

  1. Geetha.P. 2009. Udalukku Nanmai payakkum ular thiratchai. Uzavarin Valarum Velanmai, 1(6):28.
  2. Geetha. P.2010. Indhiyavil unavu mathipootuthalum uttachathuiyalu, Uzhavarain valarum velanmai ,2(3):49-51.
  3. Geetha. P., and T. Senguttuan. 2010. Thennayil mathiputtapatta unavuporutkal, Nam Uzhavar, 8(2):23-25.
  4. Geetha. P.2011. Thayarnilai eryaichi unauvugal,Uzhavarain valarum velanmai ,3(5):49-51.
  5. Geetha. P., G. Sashidevi and D.2012. Malathi Cholathil mathiputtapatta porutkal (Value added products from sorghum), Uzhavarain valarum velanmai ,3(9):21-23
  6. Geetha. P., S. Kanchana.,M .Marimuthu and A.S. Thirumaran. 2000. Hidden hazards of Microwave cooking, The Indian Express.
  7. Nithya Jesudasan., Geetha. P., and A.S. Thirumaran . 1999. Valarthozhil, 10(4):86-87.

Training Manuals

  1. PHTC series 1 – Pilot Scale manufacture of masala powders (English)
  2. PHTC series  2 - Pilot Scale manufacture of masala powders (Tamil)
  3. PHTC series 3 – Pilot scale manufacture of tomato products.
  4. PHTC series 4 – Commercial production of pickles.
  5. PHTC series 5 – Financial viability of producing bakery products.
  6. PHTC series 6 – Cost benefit profile of bottling  sugarcane juice.
  7. PHTC series 7 - Economic Analysis of canning of milky mushroom.
  8. PHTC series 8 – Cost economics of producing panchamirtham.
  9. PHTC series 9 – Commercial feasibility of aonla squash production.
  10. Food Processing technologies for commercial production.
  11. Value added products from fruits and vegetables (Tamil).
  12. Value added products from tomato and papaya.
  13. Value added products from millets


  1. Geetha. P., T. Senguttuan and D. Reka . 2010. Vaniga rethiyil urukai thayarithal, KVK, Needamangalam.


  1. Geetha. P. and  T. Senguttuan.2010. Karaaimodukalukkana thathu uppu kalavai, KVK, Needamangalam.
  2. Geetha. P., N. Ayyappan  and Saraswathy Eswaran. 2011. Value added products from millets, PHTC, AEC&RI, TNAU, Coimbatore.
Award / Recognition
  • Best book certificate in Food Science & Nutrition & preservation for Diploma (agri.) students - ICAR tamil devition and TNAU @ 2015
  • Recognition Certificate for receiving externally funded schemes - TNAU @2010
  • Dr.M.Karunanidhi award for the best student in Food Science and Nutrition - TNAU @ 1997
Special Duty_ In Charge
  • Scheme NADP - INSIMP
  • Schme ATMA
Experience in KVK
  • Involved in OFT, FLD and training activities which are the KVK mandates.
  • Involved in the preparation of millet based products, squashes and pickles for sales.