Assistant Proffeser(Plant Pathology)

Name Dr. A. Sudha Dr.A.Sudha
Discipline Plant Pathology
Specialization Plant Pathology (Mycology, Biological control, Mushroom)
Mobile No. +91 9842507722
E_Mail sudhaa1981@rediffmail.com
Book (with ISBN)
  1. P.S.Kavitha, A.Sudha, M.Vijayakumar, N.Sriram, B.Geetha and R.Jegathamabal  2015. Precision farming technologies for North western zone crops. ISBN No.93-81972-52-6

Books (without ISBN)

  1. A.Sudha, B.Geetha, P.S.Kavitha, R, Jegathambal, N.Sriram, M.Vijayakumar and K.Mahandrakumar. 2013. Mushroom cultivation technology. Indian bank, (INDSETI), Salem. KVK, Sandhiyur
  2. P.S.Kavitha, A.Sudha, B.Geetha, R. Jegathambal, N.Sriram, M.Vijayakumar and R.Santhanam and K.Mahandrakumar. 2013. Plant nursery management. Indian bank, (INDSETI), Salem. KVK, Sandhiyur
Book Chapters (with ISBN)
  1. A.Sudha, P.Lakshmanan, R.Vezhalahan, S.Kuttalam and S.Kumar. 2011. Management of Eriophyid mite associated with secondary infection of Botryodiplodia theobromae using Antagonistic organism. In: Agriculture science in tamil , Pp-314-316
  2. A.Sudha,  P.S.Kavitha and N.Sriram.  2015. Biological management of turmeric rhizome rot. In: Scientific Agriculture in tamil, Pp-67-71
  3. P.S.Kavitha, A.Sudha, Nageswari  and N.Sriram.  2015. Performance of chilli varieties suited for salem district. In: Scientific Agriculture in tamil, Pp-25-27
  4. A.Sudha. 2013. Disease Management in tropical Agroforestry landscapes.In: Agroforestry : Theory and practices, Scientific publishers (India)
  5. A.Sudha, P.Lakshmanan and P.Durairasu. 2013. Cultivation of oyster mushroom, Pleurotus euos by available local wasteIn: Forestry, published by  Anaiththinthiya ariviyal tamilkazhagam,Thanjavur. Pp-103-108
  6. A.Sudha and R.Jegathamabal. Cultivation technology of Maize. In :Precision farming technologies for North western zone crops. ISBN No.93-81972-52-6 P.No.28-38

Book Chapters (without ISBN)

  1. A.S.Krishnamoorthy, A.Sudha and P.Muthulakshmi. 2013. Integrated Disease Management, In: Industrial Agroforestry, Perspectives and prospectives. Pp-213-236
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Research Articles with NAAS rating

  1. Sudha, A., P.Lakshmanan, B. Kalaiselvan. 2008. Antioxidative properties of paddy straw mushroom (Volvariella volvacea (Bull. Ex Fr.)). Sing. International Journal of Applied Agricultural Research. 1(3): 9-16.
  2. Sudha, A., P. Lakshmanan. 2007. Solanum nigrum, a new host for powdery mildew disease of Capsicum annuum in the Madurai district of Tamil Nadu. Australasian Plant Disease Notes. 2: 97-98.
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  4. Lakshmanan, P., R. Jagadeesan, A.Sudha, M.Rajesh, S. Prabhakara, M.Arun Prasad. 2008. Potentiality of a new mushroom fungus Lentinus conatus Berk. for the production of biomanure from sugarcane trash (Saccharum officinarum L.) and its impact on the management of groundnut root rot diseases. Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection. 41 (4): 273-289.
  5. Prabhu, S., S. kumar, S.Subramaniam, A.Sudha. 2008. Invitro mass production of Pasteuria penetrans (Mankau) Sayre and Starr for the management of Meloidogyne incognita (Kofoid and White) Chitwood. Journal of Biopesticides, 10: 47-48.
  6. Sudha, A., P. Lakshmanan. 2006. Management of powdery mildew (Leveillula taurica (Lev.) Arn.) of chilli with botanicals. Plant Disease Research. 21(2): 191-193.
Symposium/ conference / summer school paper
  1. A.Sudha, P.Muthulakshmi, P.Lakshmanan. 2013. Bioconversion of low quality lignocellulosic agricultural waste (Bamboo leaves) into edible protein by pleurotus sajor-caju (FR.) SINGER.In: National Workshop on Industrial Agroforestry-21-23, March.Pp-37
  2. B.Geetha ,R.Jegathambal, A.Sudha  and K.Mahandrakumar. 2013. Organic management strategies in pest and disease for sustaining paddy production.In: International conference on Conventional & Non-conventional organic inputs in Agriculture. August 16-17, Pp-11
  3. R.Jegathambal, A.Sudha , B.Geetha and K.Mahandrakumar. 2013. popularization of integrated crop management technologies in black gram through fronline demonstration. In: International conference on Conventional & Non-conventional organic inputs in Agriculture. August 16-17, Pp-26

Poster presentations

  1. A.Sudha, P.Yogameenakshi, P.Lakshmanan, R.Rabindran and S.Senthivel. 2012. Management of false smut of rice (Oryza sativa L.)under rainfed and semidry conditions of Ramnad district.In: International symposium on 100 years of rice science and looking beyond . January 9-12, Pp-782-783.

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  1. A.Sudha, 2012.FOR 504. Mushroom production technology. (1+2), practical manual cum Record, Department of wild life biology, FC & RI, Mettupalayam


  1. A.Sudha, P.S.Kavitha and B.Geetha. 2013. Integrated pest and Disease Management in Banana. KVK, Sandhiyur
  2. A.Sudha, B.Geetha  and P.S.Kavitha.  2013. Integrated Disease Management in turmeric. KVK, Sandhiyur
  3. P.S.Kavitha, A.Sudha ,B.Geetha and K.Mahandrakumar. 2013. ICM in Jasmine . KVK, Sandhiyur
  4. S.Srividhya, A.Sudha and N.Sriram. 2015. Varieties of vegetables. KVK, Sandhiyur
  5. A.Sudha and N.Sriram. 2015. Biocontrol agents in disease management. KVK, Sandhiyur
  6. A.Sudha, P.Geetha and N.Sriram. 2015. Mushroom varieties and medicinal properties. KVK, Sandhiyur


  1. Geetha. P. and  T. Senguttuan.2010. Karaaimodukalukkana thathu uppu kalavai, KVK, Needamangalam.
  2. Geetha. P., N. Ayyappan  and Saraswathy Eswaran. 2011. Value added products from millets, PHTC, AEC&RI, TNAU, Coimbatore.
Award / Recognition
  • Best paper award –performance of chilli variety in salem district. 2015 ; Agricultural Scientific tamil conference held at VC & RI, Chennai
Special Duty_ In Charge
  • ICAR - Action plan and Annual Report compilations.
  • KVK - Mushroom demonstration unit.
  • KVK - Biocontrol production unit.
  • KVK - Plant Health Diagnostic Laboratory
  • KVK - Vehicle incharge
Experience in KVK
  • Organizing trainings on spawn and Mushroom production technology.
  • Mass production of Bioagents viz., Trichoderma viride and Pseudomonas fluorescens for sales in our centre
  • Organizing trainings to unemployed youth, self help groups and entrepreneurs.
  • Organizing training on bioagents in disease management.
  • Conducted various demonstrations and field days related to OFT and FLD trials in farmers field.
  • Diagnostic visits were made to identify the disease problems.
  • Scientist incharge as a Block level task force member for edappady block of salem district.
  • Attended various zonal meetings, grievance day with the state departments
  • Delivered  radio talks, demonstrations in disease management in turmeric and spawn production for Makkal TV, Mushroom production and world coconut day-disease management in coconut for DD Podhigai and News7 tamil