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Manihot esculenta Image

Tapioca starch extracted from tuber (Manihot esculenta). The plant was spread by explorers to most of the countries cultivated worldwide. Starch obtained from the roots of the cassava. Tapioca is a staple food in some regions and is used worldwide in various foods. In India Tamil Nadu is an important tapioca growing state.



Ricinus communis Image

Castor is one of the ancient oilseed crops of the world. Castor oil is an important industrial oil. India is the largest producer of castor in the world . Tamil Nadu is an important castor growing state in India. Major castor producing districts are Salem, Namakkal, Erode, Dharmapuri and Perambalur.



Tapioca and Castor Image

Caster Gold For Improving Pistillate Flower Efficiency And Yield In Castor, Root feeding of Coconut Tonic, Kernel thickness will be increased, Nut yield will be increased and Cassava tonic - spraying of nutrient formulation was started from 30 days after planting and extends upto five months..


About the Research Station

Tapioca and Castor Research Station was established as 32nd research station of TNAU on 01.04.1998 at Yethapur Village, Attur Taluk of Salem District to meet the requirements of tapioca and castor growers..


Latest Varieties

Castor hybrid YRCH 1

Popular castor hybrids in Tamil Nadu are YRCH 1, DCH 519 and GCH 4, GCH 7. In the area of recurring drought and irrigation water deficit, castor augurs well for drought prone areas and areas of limited irrigation possibilities. Salem district is a one of major producer of Castor in the state.


Cassava varities Yethapur 1

Popular cassava varities in Tamil Nadu are Yethapur 1, Co-4, Co-3, Co-2, Mulluvadi, H226.