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Karnataka CM planned to Distribute Laptops to SC/ST Students

The Karnataka Government, under the leadership of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, has unveiled a commendable initiative to empower students from Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) communities. The plan involves distributing laptops to these students who are currently pursuing education in state universities. This article provides a comprehensive insight into the Karnataka CM Laptop Distribution program, including details about the budget allocation, the chief minister’s directive, and the significance of this initiative.

Karnataka CM Laptop Distribution: Bridging Educational Gaps

In a significant move, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has directed officials to initiate the process of providing laptops to students belonging to SC and ST communities who are enrolled in state universities. This decision was reached during a crucial meeting attended by vice-chancellors from state government-affiliated universities and senior officials from the higher education department.

Allocation of Rs 230 Crore for Laptops

Karnataka CM planned to Distribute Laptops to SCST Students

During the meeting, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah instructed P Manivannan, Principal Secretary of the Social Welfare Department, to allocate Rs 230 crore for the laptop distribution project. The primary objective of this allocation is to ensure that students from all communities within universities have access to laptops, thereby promoting digital literacy and creating a level playing field.

Addressing Vacancy and Financial Challenges

It was revealed during the discussions that out of the sanctioned teaching positions, only 1,882 are currently filled. This vacancy rate exceeding 50% places a significant burden on universities. Furthermore, the financial strain on universities was highlighted, as they have to bear the cost of paying salaries to 2,865 guest lecturers from university funds.

Budget Challenges and Quality Education

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah expressed concerns about the adequacy of budget allocation for higher education. He noted that while the recurring costs are increasing, the budget allocation is decreasing. He questioned the potential for quality education under such circumstances. Additionally, he highlighted that 88% of the grant in the higher education department’s budget is utilized for salaries.

Promoting Industry-Relevant Curriculum

In his pursuit of enhancing the employability of graduates, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah advised Visvesvaraya Technical University to design a curriculum aligned with market demands. He emphasized the importance of adaptive education that enhances job prospects for engineering graduates.


The Karnataka CM Laptop Distribution program demonstrates the government’s commitment to promoting inclusive and quality education. By providing laptops to SC and ST students in state universities, the government aims to bridge the digital divide and offer equal educational opportunities.

The allocation of Rs 230 crore underlines the significance of this initiative in promoting access to technology and knowledge. As the state government addresses challenges in the education sector, it remains dedicated to fostering an environment that empowers students and prepares them for a competitive future.

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