Shillong Night Teer Result Today Live: First and Second Round

Shillong Night Teer Result Today Live Update Our dedicated team Publish Shillong Night Teer Result on every day at 09:20 PM for the First Round and 10:20 PM for the second round. You can visit of this page or You can also bookmark this page for getting daily Updates on Shillong Teer Night Result., We Update daily Result on time you can always found here latest Shillong Night Teer Result on time.

Additionally, if you are looking for the common numbers of Shillong teer night and Daily Shillong Night Teer Result Updation then You are the right Place, Apart from result we are also share Shillong night Teer common number daily basis.

Shillong Night Teer Result Live on 8.20 PM

We update Shillong Night teer Result list on daily basis on time. The First Round FR is declared on (Shillong night teer result) at 8.20 PM and the second (Shillong night teer result) is declared on the at 9.20 PM.

Shillong Night Teer Result live: 27.09.2023

DateFR (8:20 PM)SR (9:20 PM)
Result publish on time.

Shillong Night Teer old Result Chart

DateFR (8:20 PM)SR (9:20 PM)
DateFR (8:20 PM)SR (9:20 PM)

Shillong Night Teer Result Previous or Past Winner List

You can find Chart below of Shillong teer night result Previous chart of First and second round list.

DateFR (8:20 PM)SR (9:20 PM)

Shillong Night Teer 2 Results – Scheduled at 10:45 PM and 11:45 PM

This segment is dedicated to sharing the latest outcomes of Night Teer 2, specifically the Shillong night teer 2 results for today, accessible online. The declaration of these Night Teer 2 results is administered by the Meghalaya Night Teer Counter. The Shillong Teer Night Khela outcome list gets updated at precisely 10:45 PM for the initial round and at 11:45 PM for the subsequent round.

Shillong Night Teer 2 Result live: 24-09-2023

DateFR (10:45 PM)SR (11:45 PM)

Shillong Night Teer 2 Previous Result Chart.

Compilation of Shillong Night Teer 2 Results

For those keen to track the most recent four days’ Shillong Night Teer outcomes, please consult the provided table. The graphical representation below showcases the Shillong teer night 2 result chart.

DateFR 10:45 PMSR 11:45 PM
DateFR 10:45 PMSR 11:45 PM

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Archived Shillong Night Teer Results

For daily, authorized Shillong night teer live results, make it a point to visit this page at the designated timings stated above. The Night Teer & 2 rounds are held on a daily basis, with updates regularly provided on this Teer Counter night result. Simply refresh the page periodically to access the most recent results.

Today’s Meghalaya Night Teer Outcome

Shillong Night Teer Result Today

The Sunday teer outcomes, along with daily night teer results from Shillong, Meghalaya, captivate players from Meghalaya, India. The Meghalaya night teer game unfolds twice daily, with a one-hour interval between sessions. The debut night teer is unveiled at precisely 10:40 PM, followed by the second round at 11:35 PM.

Shillong Teer Night Graph

We consistently present the Shillong Night Chart on a daily basis. This Night Teer Chart harmonizes with the official Shillong Teer Night ka result. We maintain that this graphical representation aids in predicting forthcoming teer target numbers, an asset for teer game enthusiasts.

Forecasting Night Teer Outcomes

Apprehending the challenge of predicting the triumphant teer number, we facilitate a daily update of the night teer prediction number, or common number. Our designated common numbers or successful numbers boast an impressive 99% accuracy rate, aligning with the authenticated Night Teer Results.

Shillong night teer prediction numbers for a comprehensive insight.

We dedicate relentless effort to refine and ensure the accuracy of this common number listing. Our proprietary methodology shapes this teer night prediction into reality.

Distinguishing Night Teer First and Second Round Results

For those unacquainted with the terminologies FR and SR, it’s crucial to note that they stand for Night Teer First Result and Night Teer Second Result, respectively. The Night Teer Result (FR) is made public around 10:40 PM, while the Second Result (SR) follows suit at 11:25 PM punctually. These timings are firmly established as the official schedule for the Shillong night teer counter result.

Prevalent Shillong Night Teer Common Number

For those seeking a dependable source of Shillong night teer common numbers on the web, you’ve landed on the right platform. Click this link for access to a high-quality working night teer common number.

Our common numbers have translated into a 99% success rate for our dedicated patrons. Their substantial gains, derived from applying our daily nightteer hit numbers, underscore the efficacy of our night teer common numbers.

Retrieving Previous Shillong Night Teer Results

Avid players understand the significance of teer old results. Whether forecasting the forthcoming target or strategy formulation, referring to previous nightteer results is indispensable.

Our website compiles a comprehensive catalogue encompassing both Shillong night teer and Shillong night teer 2 past outcomes. This page remains consistently updated, promptly reflecting the declaration of results.

Insight into Shillong Night Teer Club Chart

Should any doubt linger regarding the precision of our current night teer results, don’t hesitate to consult well-regarded teer night counters. The official clubs administer the Teer Club Chart. It’s imperative to understand that we are an independent entity, unaffiliated with any official club.

For in-depth details concerning night teer clubs, direct your attention to these authorized teer club sources.

Navigating the Shillong Night Teer Counter

Within the region, several credible Shillong night teer counters operate. Enthusiasts can secure tickets based on their prognostications from reputable teer counters.

Prompt updates, devoid of delay, characterize the night teer counter of Shillong’s results. Visitors are encouraged to frequent this webpage for precise outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Shillong Night Teer Results

When are the Shillong Night Teer results announced?

Shillong Night Teer results are announced twice daily. The First Round results are declared at around 8:20 PM, and the Second Round results are declared at approximately 9:20 PM.

How can I stay updated with the latest Shillong Night Teer results?

To access the latest Shillong Night Teer results, you can visit page regularly at the specified timings. The page is updated promptly to provide you with the most recent night teer outcomes.

Are there common numbers provided for Shillong Night Teer?

Yes, we offer daily Shillong Night Teer common numbers, which can be helpful for players looking to predict potential outcomes based on historical data.

What are the timings for the Shillong Night Teer second result?

The Shillong Night Teer Second Round result is announced at around 9:20 PM, providing enthusiasts with another chance to explore their fortune.

What is the Timing of the Shillong Night Teer 2 results?

The Shillong Night Teer 2 results, announced online, offer players insight into the outcomes of this intriguing game. Results for the first round are updated at 10:45 PM, followed by the second round at 11:45 PM.

Can the Night Teer game be played on specific days?

The Night Teer game is typically available every night. However, it’s advisable to check for any exceptions, such as local holidays or festivals that might impact its availability.


Exploring the world of Shillong Night Teer is an adventure filled with anticipation and potential fortune. By staying updated on the latest results, common numbers, and trends, players can enhance their understanding of this captivating game of chance. Remember to bookmark this page and revisit it at the designated times to keep your finger on the pulse of Shillong Night Teer.

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