Today Egg Rate all India: Check daily Egg Price of Top City by NECC

Understanding Today Egg Rate: A Look at NECC Suggested and Prevailing Prices: Eggs are a staple in diets around the world, valued for their versatility, nutritional value, and affordability. The prices of eggs, like other commodities, can vary significantly based on various factors such as production, demand, and market dynamics.

The National Egg Co-ordination Committee (NECC) plays a role in suggesting egg Rate, providing guidance to the industry and trade. This article delves into the daily / Today and monthly Egg Rate suggested by NECC, along with prevailing prices at different production and consumption centers.

NECC Suggested Egg Rate / Prices: An Overview

NECC, through its official channels, publishes suggested egg prices that act as a reference point for the industry. It’s important to note that these suggested prices are not mandatory; they serve as informational guidelines for trade and industry stakeholders. The prices are shared through various media, including verbal, print, and digital, to ensure transparency and awareness.

However, NECC emphasizes that enforcing compliance with these suggested prices is not its responsibility. It clarifies that if unauthorized individuals share NECC suggested prices, they must also include a disclaimer stating that these Prices of egg Rate are not mandatory and are intended solely for reference and information.

Today Egg Rate: Check daily Egg Rate Chart

Today Egg Rate: Check daily Egg Price suggested by NECC

Check Here daily egg Rate Chart Price of 100 egg / rs. Rate by Date of all city

Name Of Zone / Day12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031
Bengaluru (CC)465455455465475480480480480480490500510515515515515
Brahmapur (OD)445440442453462462462462462465470475475475480480480
Chennai (CC)480480480480480490490490490490500510520530530530530
Delhi (CC)381385398404404404404404418441450450450452458470472-
Kolkata (WB)475475495500490480480480490500520520520520525525525
Mumbai (CC)480460460465470475480480470480490500505510510510510
Prevailing Prices
Allahabad (CC)419424429438452452452452462476481481481-481486490495
Indore (CC)410425425425425425425430455460465470465470465470470
Kanpur (CC)395395410410424424424424443452462462462462-462493481
Lucknow (CC)433417417417433433433433450460473473473473473493493
Muzaffarpur (CC)430440445455455445445455480488495500500500511515515
Ranchi (CC)429429438448448448452452462486495500500500500500500
Varanasi (CC)423433440440440440440443450477487487487487483500500
Name Of Zone / Day1516171819202122232425262728293031
Bengaluru (CC)515515515515500475
Brahmapur (OD)480480480480465465
Chennai (CC)530530530530530520
Delhi (CC)458470472472445465
Kolkata (WB)525525525510510495
Mumbai (CC)510510510500500480
Prevailing Prices
Allahabad (CC)486490495495486476
Indore (CC)465470470450450461
Kanpur (CC)462493481481471471
Lucknow (CC)473493493493493493
Muzaffarpur (CC)511515515515500495
Ranchi (CC)500500500483480495
Varanasi (CC)483500500500490483

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Daily and Monthly Egg Rate / Prices: A Detailed Analysis

The egg Rate / Prices provided below are indicative of the fluctuating nature of the market. These prices are based on NECC’s suggested rates and the prevailing prices at various production centers (PC) and consumption centers (CC) across different zones.


  • Monthly Average: 447.73 INR


  • Monthly Average: 407.00 INR


  • Monthly Average: 395.73 INR

Bengaluru (CC):

  • Monthly Average: 473.18 INR

Brahmapur (OD):

  • Monthly Average: 456.82 INR

Chennai (CC):

  • Monthly Average: 486.36 INR


  • Monthly Average: 479.36 INR

Delhi (CC):

  • Monthly Average: 408.45 INR


  • Monthly Average: 434.09 INR


  • Monthly Average: 433.18 INR


  • Monthly Average: 410.73 INR


  • Monthly Average: 428.09 INR

Kolkata (WB):

  • Monthly Average: 489.55 INR


  • Monthly Average: 395.36 INR

Mumbai (CC):

  • Monthly Average: 473.64 INR


  • Monthly Average: 477.18 INR


  • Monthly Average: 427.27 INR


  • Daily Rate: 480 INR
  • Monthly Average: 474.09 INR


  • Monthly Average: 406.36 INR


  • Monthly Average: 455.45 INR


  • Monthly Average: 434.09 INR


  • Monthly Average: 451.36 INR


  • Monthly Average: 434.09 INR


  • Monthly Average: 412.73 INR

Prevailing Prices:

Allahabad (CC):

  • Monthly Average: 448.82 INR


  • Monthly Average: 417.73 INR

Indore (CC):

  • Monthly Average: 433.64 INR

Kanpur (CC):

  • Monthly Average: 423.91 INR

Lucknow (CC):

  • Monthly Average: 436.27 INR

Muzaffarpur (CC):

  • Monthly Average: 457.55 INR


  • Monthly Average: 430.91 INR


  • Monthly Average: 457.55 INR

Ranchi (CC):

  • Monthly Average: 453.36 INR

Varanasi (CC):

  • Monthly Average: 446.64 INR

Today Egg rate FAQs: Daily Egg Rate

here is Daily Egg Rate Prices FAQs

What is NECC, and why do they suggest egg prices?

NECC stands for the National Egg Co-ordination Committee, an organization that provides guidance and information to the egg industry. They suggest egg prices as reference points to help stakeholders in the industry understand market trends and dynamics.

Are NECC suggested egg prices mandatory?

No, NECC suggested egg prices are not mandatory. They are published solely for reference and information. Compliance with these prices is not enforced by NECC.

How are NECC suggested egg prices communicated?

NECC suggested egg prices are communicated through various mediums, including verbal communication, print media, and digital platforms.

Are NECC suggested egg prices consistent across different regions?

No, NECC suggested egg prices can vary based on the region and its specific market conditions.

What are prevailing egg prices?

Prevailing egg prices refer to the actual market prices that eggs are being sold for at different production and consumption centers. These prices can fluctuate based on supply, demand, and other market factors.

How can stakeholders in the egg industry use NECC suggested prices?

Stakeholders in the egg industry can use NECC suggested prices as benchmarks to understand market trends and make informed decisions related to pricing and trading.

Can individuals share NECC suggested prices without authorization?

Yes, individuals can share NECC suggested prices, but it’s important to include a disclaimer stating that these prices are not mandatory and are meant for reference and information only

What factors contribute to fluctuations in egg prices?

Egg prices can be influenced by factors such as feed costs, production levels, consumer demand, weather conditions, and market competition.

How often do egg prices change?

Egg prices can change on a daily basis due to the dynamic nature of the market. Factors like seasonal changes, holidays, and market conditions can lead to frequent fluctuations.

How can consumers stay informed about egg prices?

Consumers can stay informed about egg prices by checking local markets, grocery store prices, and staying updated through news sources and online platforms.

What role do consumption centers play in egg pricing?

Consumption centers play a significant role in determining egg prices as they reflect the demand and preferences of consumers in specific regions.

How can the egg industry benefit from understanding both NECC suggested and prevailing prices?

By understanding both NECC suggested and prevailing prices, the egg industry can make informed decisions about production, pricing, and distribution to meet consumer demands effectively.

Do egg prices follow a specific pattern throughout the year?

Egg prices can follow seasonal patterns due to factors like holidays and weather conditions. However, market dynamics and other variables can lead to deviations from these patterns.

Are NECC suggested prices consistent across all egg types and grades?

NECC suggested prices can vary based on egg types, grades, and regional differences in demand and supply.

Are there any legal implications for not adhering to NECC suggested prices?

There are no legal implications for not adhering to NECC suggested prices, as they are not mandatory. However, stakeholders may use these prices as a reference point for negotiation and trade.

How can stakeholders predict future egg prices?

While it’s challenging to predict future egg prices accurately, industry experts often analyze historical data, market trends, and factors affecting supply and demand to make informed projections.

What should consumers and retailers consider when buying or selling eggs?

Consumers and retailers should consider factors like freshness, quality, local market prices, and NECC suggested prices when buying or selling eggs.

How can fluctuations in egg prices impact the economy?

Fluctuations in egg prices can impact both producers and consumers. Sharp price increases can affect consumers’ purchasing power, while volatility can pose challenges for producers’ planning and profitability.

Are there any resources to track NECC suggested egg prices online?

Yes, NECC may publish suggested egg prices on its official website, and other online platforms might also provide information about these prices.


Egg prices / egg Rates are influenced by a range of factors, making them a dynamic aspect of the agricultural market. The NECC suggested prices provide valuable guidance to the industry, while the prevailing prices reflect the real-time market conditions. Understanding these price dynamics can help stakeholders in the egg industry make informed decisions and navigate the ever-changing landscape of egg trade and consumption.